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MechanzO 12+


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Key features of MechanzO 12 Contains 200 parts such as Control Card sensors metallic strips motors gears etc. Comes with a CD of GUI based software LinkUp which enables the student to program Autonomous Robot Associated Concepts of Science and Math mentioned with every design. Advanced kit using which more than 500 applications are possible Developed based on STEM concepts after thorough research by Engineers under the guidance of distinguished teachers. Assembly guide & help file with step by step instruction is integrated in LinkUp. Working on this student turns up to be more creative intend towards technology develop good IQ. LinkUp Software Features Graphical Programming Language Block level programming which is good for beginner Modern approachable user interface. Unnecessary menu system is not available Maximize work space Step by Step HTML help guide for beginners. Unnecessary driver installation is not required Easy interface with hardware through USB. Support with Windows Xp and above. No dependency on Java heavy weight & .net software frame work. Debugging and error detection at programming level. All in one Installer (no addition download required) all extra software included with installer. Few Designs which can be developed 3D Robotic Arm Crazy Car Drawing Robot Human Robot Line Follower Robot Obstacle Avoider Robot Separator Walker Surface Color Identifier Photophobe Robot




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