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PIC Self Learning Kit & Relay Module

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Best Suited for the PIC Based robotics Projects and Embedded system Learning. FEATURES High Power Microchip PIC16F877 Development board. On Board Voltage Regulator with filters and operating voltage from 7V - 12V. 16MHz crystal oscillator for maximum speed. Interfaced LEDs. RED LED as a Power Indicator. 4 Switches including reset. Power onoff push button switch. In built motor driving circuitry (4 DC 2 Stepper motor). Motor onoff push button switch. On board LCD connector. LCD brightness control variable resistor All Pins accessible through male header pins. 5V DC power output male header pins for circuit enhancement. On borad ADC SPI & I2C Communication protocol FRC Connector to make it compatible with various programmers. FEATURES Relay Module SPDT 12V Relay card for switching applications. 8 relays for switching a maximum of 8 peripheral devices. Each relay can be controlled separately. Protection against Back EMF is also provided using diodes and transistor for switching. Separate 8 pin connector for 8 relays. LED for each relay to show which relay is switching. Pull up provided for better operation. APPLICATIONS Switching applications. Motor control. (4 motors) Separating circuits working at different voltage levels. To download more details click on below links PIC Development board Datasheet PIC Development Board Manual Relay Module Datasheet.




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